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 L.E.A.D. Program 

Leadership Experience and Development Program

Kids 12 + 

The Next Step in Leadership

A program designed to provide opportunities for young people to further their leadership experience and prepare them for a work environment, including preparing them to be junior staff during our camp programs.

Leadership is such an important skill set that most kids possess naturally but they need training to help them bring those skills to the forefront of how they think and act.  Our LEAD program is designed to do just that; we want to not only talk about different leadership skills but put them in environments and situations where they have to practically apply those ideas and skills. 

Preparing our youth for leadership and employment is something we believe is so essential in a practical and fun environment.​​

Through this program, kids will have the opportunity to volunteer during full day camps as Junior Staff. These positions provide them with volunteer hours for school graduation as well as their resumes (certificate will be given stating hours volunteered).  They will also receive a reference letter for that time frame with us.  


They're main responsibilities include: 

They will be in the role of mentor and role model for the other kids

Their primary task will be to play with the other kids leading games, challenges and activities. 

They will also learn to lead a Junior leaders meeting 1x/semester

and will help spear head junior leader extra-curricular activities like the Big White Retreat

Contact us for more information!

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