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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can my child start attending Bridge Kids?

Kids must have started Kindergarten to attend Bridge Kids and have a completed registration form and an immunization record on file.

What happens when my child turns 13?

Our program runs up until a child turns 13 years old. From there, they are legally required to get a criminal record check. However, a child can then volunteer as a junior staff and get volunteer hours and training!

Are you offering Christmas Camps 2020-2021?

For the Christmas season we will not be offering full day camps, however we are happy to recommend other facilities if you are in need of care!

What if my child runs out of snack?

We ask that parents supply enough food for their children for after school snack or throughout the day (full day camps) but we are more than happy to provide a snack if they eat everything. We provide apples and soda crackers as a snack if need be.

What does Out of School Care Mean?

Out of School Care means that we are open when the kids are not in school throughout the week. We run an after school care program which includes half days and full Pro Days and we also offer full day camps during Spring Break and the Summer months!

When is my payment due?

Your payment is due on the 1st of the month.