Praying Together

The Bridge Church 

The Bridge Community of Faith

Vision: To be a Community of Faith, building authentic relationships. With Jesus, with each other and with our community

Goal: To Establish people in the love of Jesus, empowering them to live out His purposes.

What to expect at our gatherings: The Bridge is a relational model so everything we do is done around connection, our people are friendly and loving, our worship is expressive and authentic. We value children and create a safe place for them to grow and connect. We create an environment where you can come and be welcome no matter where you are at in your faith journey. Our prayer team is always ready to stand with you in times of need and pray. 



School Year: 1:30-6:00

Early Dismissal: 12:30-6:00

Pro Days: 7:45-6:00

Spring Break: 7:45-6:00

Summer: 7:45-5:30



2100 Gordon Drive

Tel: 250-826-5437

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