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Kids Jumping into the Lake

 Junior Leader Program 

Junior Leader Program

Kids aged 9-12

A 3 year program to grow and develop young leaders who naturally change

their environments because of how they think and act.

Through this program kids will begin to see themselves as leaders, and are equipped to keep developing those leadership skills.  They will be empowered to help change the world.

Monthly Activities:

We will hold leadership activities and opportunities 3-4 times per month during

regular program time.  These activities are not mandatory, but certainly encouraged.  


During these sessions the kids will learn different leadership skills with a different

focus every month over the 3-year term.  They will have opportunities to practically

apply these skills both inside and outside of the Bridge Kids environment.  


There is also the opportunity for these young leaders to create and plan their own retreats biannually in the fall and spring.  If you were with us for the last school year, we did one of these retreats to Big White for 2 days at no additional cost to the parents.  We hope to continue these kinds of events so the kids can see that leadership isn’t always about leading through behaviour. **Retreats may be changed due to Covid-19**


Leadership applies to everything and can be very fun too! 

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